Put a sequential tiger in your products.

Embed Datapred in your products and services to provide Analytics-as-a-Service
to your clients — whenever time series are involved.

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The full power of Datapred

Analytics as a Service is a major industrial trend. But machine learning for time series is complicated, and software packaging is hard to improvise… Can you really afford the time-to-market and cost of building your own client-facing solution?

Datapred Embed lets you integrate the best machine learning suite for industrial time series on the market to your products and services.

Use it to deliver the predictions, simulations, scores, recommendations and alerts that your data-conscious clients would end up buying elsewhere.

Technical flexibility

Datapred’s technical flexibility offers a large choice of embedding options:

  • Installation in your datacenter, in a private or public cloud, or directly on your physical products.
  • Pre-built connectors for standard databases, and templates for connecting to non-standard databases and proprietary management systems (ERPs, CRMs, WMS…).
  • Output formats that are compatible with most data visualization tools.

We have never met a data infrastructure we couldn’t adapt to. Ping us to discuss your specific requirements!

Commercial flexibility

With Datapred Embed, our interests are naturally aligned. Provided we earn as much with the Embed application as with a standard Install licence, we will consider most commercial models: single OEM licence, revenue share, joint projects, reseller agreement…

The key question is: is the time factor a critical part of the challenge you want to address for your clients?

Contact us to discuss if the answer is yes :)


  • Data sequentialization
  • Stationarization and filtering
  • Built-in models
  • Compatibility with ML libraries
  • Aggregation and stacking
  • Custom cost functions
  • Parallelization and distribution
  • Connectors
  • Graph structure
  • Performance monitoring
  • Checkpoints and backups
  • Continual improvement