Machine learning suite
for time series


The Suite

Datapred provides an industry-strength machine learning suite dedicated to time-dependent challenges in big data contexts.
The suite is based on proprietary technology - the product of years of academic and industrial research. It offers 4 key advantages:

Performance & Scalability


Datapred's unique ability to learn and aggregate multiple models in real time yields superior performance for most industrial applications of machine learning. And the more turbulent the environment the better.



Datapred saves analytical time and money with its unique modular architecture and automated model construction process. Our algorithmic engine is optimized for your challenges in no time.





The interpretation features of Datapred models let you understand the relationship between data and results, from model construction to ongoing management. 

Robustness & Versatility

robustness & versatility

Datapred plugs into your existing systems and external data feeds to maximize the return on your data resources. Results are sent back to your existing systems, displayed on dedicated dashboards or delivered as custom reports.

Your Business

Response time has become critical in most industries, but classic batch machine learning doesn't work when the challenges addressed are time-dependent.
Datapred helps large companies in the financial, industrial, logistics and retail sectors solve complex analysis, optimization and prediction problems where time is of the essence.
It integrates seamlessly with most IT systems and data visualization tools.



Banking & Finance

Datapred is used by asset managers to optimize portfolios, spot trading opportunities and monitor market risk. It is also used by commercial banks and insurance companies for credit and risk scoring.



Datapred is used by industrials for supply-chain optimization and to generate better inventory and sales forecasts based on both internal (from existing systems) and external data.



Marketing & Retail

Datapred is used by consumer product and retail companies to model consumer behavior, increase loyalty and optimize pricing and product mix.



Datapred is used by large industrials for predictive maintenance and to identify defect factors on production lines.


Machine learning platforms vs. Datapred - Datasheet

A discussion of the main differences between machine learning platforms and Datapred.

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