Digital twin for energy and raw material buyers


Buyers must analyze exponentially growing volumes of data - internal and external. It has become too much for manual processing. Breaking data silos and simplifying access is key for decision-making.

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Digital twin for energy and raw material buyers


Raw material market volatility has skyrocketed. In that challenging context, AI keeps decision making robust - helping buyers analyze market dynamics, uncover price drivers and anticipate price trends.

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Digital twin for energy and raw material buyers


Cost savings, risk management, business continuity, asset maximization, sustainability... Companies keep piling objectives onto raw material buyers. How can they make sure their decisions are consistent?

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Getting ahead with Datapred

The world is changing fast for raw material buyers: ever more data to process, increased market volatility, and the need to optimize for new objectives (like sustainability)...

Datapred helps industrial companies with complex raw material sourcing needs modernize their legacy sourcing processes.

With a unique combination of data visualization, market analytics and industrial optimization.


Particularly relevant for process industries

The raw material sourcing needs of process industries are both urgent and critical - a perfect playing field for Datapred.

We have experience working with metals, plastics, petrochemicals, foodstuff...

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Energy buyers are welcome

Energy markets and energy buying processes are very favorable to the Datapred approach.

We have great stories to share, both with pure energy players and industrial buyers of energy.

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