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Datapred announces new Situation module

Posted by Datapred | Mar 8, 2023 3:20:20 PM

The new module will complement the existing Markets (market analyses) and Decisions (decision support) modules of the software.


LAUSANNE – MARCH 10, 2023 – Datapred today announced the release of its new Situation module for industrial energy and raw material buyers.


With that update, Datapred covers the full spectrum of energy and raw material buyer requirements: internal reporting, market analyses and forecasts, and company-specific decision support.

We noticed that, with intensified pressure from their Board for detailed updates, energy and raw material buyers felt increasingly frustrated with their spreadsheet reports” said Julien Haddad, Head of Product Development at Datapred. “Datapred's new Situation module shows buyers were they are and where they need to get on a clean and connected dashboard.”

Buyers upload their consumption plans and transactions to the module, which then connects to the relevant energy or raw material markets, and automates quick profit and loss calculations.

Buyers can visualize, for the period of their choice: volumes required and covered, average transaction price and projected final price, budget, current spend and projected final spend.

For information sharing with internal and external stakeholders, they can download everything in spreadsheets or PDF files.

During the coming weeks, Datapred will continue to enrich its Situation module, with a particular focus on customization and advanced reporting.


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Founded in 2015 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, Datapred is a digital twin for raw material and energy buyers. Datapred uses machine learning, operations research, and tens of external and internal data streams to give buyers a clear view of where they are, where they need to go, and how to get there — shaving 3-5% off their commodity costs along the way.

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