Unique combination of machine learning and operations research

Datapred combines award-winning AI for streaming data (for market analyses) and versatile operations research (for industrial optimization).

Foolproof time series modeling

Most of the internal and external data used by raw material buyers belongs to the category of streaming data, or "time series": time stamped, sequentially revealed, with the time factor a critical part of the message.

Datapred's market dynamics module and demand prediction module use a proprietary, award-winning time series modeling engine. Notable benefits include:

  • Minimization of model risk via model aggregation
  • Ability to work with "small data", thanks to the aggregation of frugal models
  • Reactivity to market shifts, thanks to "sequential" learning process
  • Explainability - total transparency on model and input contribution to performance
You can even bring your own predictive models to Datapred, and expect a notable performance boost from our built-in pre-processing and data engineering features.

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Flexible operations research

For cost/constraint optimization and purchase order suggestions, Datapred include an optimization engine built on top of OR Tools, an open-source optimization suite maintained by Google.

Datapred's "secret sauce" in that respect consists in:

But the basic genericity of OR Tools is preserved, meaning that Datapred can integrate any business rule or optimization model you may already be using.

Transparent and open

Datapred is a modular software, and users with data science competencies can take advantage of that modularity to play with the market analysis and the optimization engines, using a standard Python console:

  • Add/substract contextual data streams and check the impact on predictive performance
  • Test new predictive horizons
  • Add/substract models to our standard portfolio of parametric and non-parametric models
  • Add/substract parameters to the optimization engine...
Test your amendments in sandbox mode, then push them in production.


Interested in licensing the Datapred modeling engine?

Besides raw material and energy procurement, there are many areas where time series modeling excellence is critical. We are open to licensing discussions in such areas.


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