The ultimate business decision engine

Datapred's technology fuses quantitative analysis, optimization, and generative AI for superior decision-making.

Process and analyze hundreds of data streams

Integrate your costs, constraints and trade-offs.
Translate quantitative outputs into clear narratives.

The 3 challenges of business decisions


Business decisions are time-constrained: there is always a deadline, information is perishable, and timing can transform sound decisions into major mistakes.

Properly integrating the time factor into the decision-making process is of utmost importance.


There is always a trade-off: return vs. risk, margins vs. sustainability, speed vs. resilience...

Every business decision is an optimization challenge, and complexity rises exponentially with the number of decision factors.

How can you ensure you have explored the full realm of possibilities and consequences?

Soft Factors

Business decisions are always part art, part science: human judgement matters, hard data never captures the totality of the relevant context, and quantitative analyses can be difficult to understand or explain.

Large language models like GPT-4 offer new opportunities to incorporate such soft factors into the decision-making process.

Introducing the Datapred decision engine:
Quantitative analysis, optimization and LLMs

The Datapred decision engine powers our online software for energy buyers.

It is the ultimate decision-making technology, enabling users to apply any combination of machine learning, optimization and large language models to time-dependent challenges.

Detect weak signals and anomalies, test business scenarios, transform press articles and research reports into quantitative inputs, translate tables and charts into compelling narratives, derive actionable decision factors from compliance documents...

Welcome to the new standard of decision intelligence!

Decision Engine

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