Datasheets, use cases and white papers on Datapred, machine learning and time series.

Vital Checklist

Vital checklist for time series modeling

Applying machine learning to time series is tricky. Don't dive into your time series modeling project without checking this 3-page life-saving list first.


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Specificities of time series modeling

Why is time series modeling so different? This 22-page presentation is a detailed explanation of the three specificities of time series, and their consequences for the design of machine learning solutions.


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When should you use Datapred?

Datapred is not a generalist machine learning platform, but a powerful modeling engine for continuous intelligence applications. This datasheet explains when Datapred is an appropriate option:

  • When time is a critical dimension of the challenge
  • When combining multiple models makes sense
  • When you need performance and explainability
  • When you are working for production
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