Datasheets, use cases and white papers on energy and raw material procurement optimization.

New To Hedging

New to energy hedging? Five best practices for European energy buyers

Faced with market volatility, lots of industrial energy buyers have started experimenting with hedging. Discover five best practices emerging from our conversations with them.

  • Risk management
  • Performance measurement
  • Simplicity vs. sophistication
  • Alignement with operations
  • Periodic reviews
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Testimonial - Boosting energy procurement reports with Datapred

Discover how Opéra Energie, the leading energy broker for professional and enterprise clients in France, uses Datapred to boost client reporting.

  • Real-time situation vs. budget
  • Simple visualization of past transactions
  • Market analyses and forecasts
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Opéra Energie Testimonial

Lower Energy Bill p1

Four workable way for industrial companies to reduce their energy bill

Most European companies are currently reassessing their energy buying strategies. This nine-page datasheet discusses four ways technology can help save 5% off their energy bill.

  • Sweating your assets
  • Proactively managing price-adjustment formulas
  • Playing with the mix of futures contracts
  • Combining spot and term-based transactions
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Testimonial - Keeping propane hedging costs under control with Datapred

Discover how Butagaz, the leading provider of bottled and bulk gas solutions, uses the Datapred digital twin to save 3-5% per year on its propane hedging costs.

  • Combination of market analyses and industrial optimization
  • Scenarios, simulations and recommendations
  • Constantly updated foundation for hedging decisions
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Butagaz Testimonial

ML & Direct material procurement

Direct material procurement - What to expect from machine learning

Machine learning creates new opportunities for commodity, energy and raw material buyers. This three-page datasheet describes the main benefits that Chief Procurement Officers can expect from machine learning.

  • Unified view of the market
  • Price forecasting
  • Better understanding of price risk
  • Better alignement with operations
  • Effective long-term planning
  • Broader hedging opportunities
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Getting ahead with Datapred

Raw material and energy procurement is racing into a period of profound change. This 11-page eBook discusses recent Procurement digitization trends and describes how Datapred helps industrial buyers with their digital transformation process.

  • More data, more to manage
  • A new direction for direct procurement
  • Combining the external and internal views
  • Impact on the bottom line
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Get Ahead With Datapred Cover

Procurement - Whats required

Direct material procurement optimization - What's required?

Datapred for Procurement can shave 3-5% off your commodity, energy and raw material spend, year over year. This six-page datasheet discusses the main requirements for using Datapred:

  • Price and contextual data
  • Costs and constraints
  • Wiggle room
  • Basic technical stack
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Datapred and sustainability

Industrial companies are under intense pressure to reduce their carbon footprint, and the sustainability imperative is rippling down organizations, affecting most business functions — including Procurement.

This four-page datasheet discusses Datapred how Datapred can help raw material buyers achieve these new objectives.


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Datapred and Sustainability

Datapred Buyer Checklist

The Datapred buyer checklist

This 4-page datasheet summarizes our answers to Gartner's top 12 questions corporate buyers should ask to AI solution providers.


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Key strengths of the Datapred modeling engine

DDatapred includes a powerful modeling engine for continuous intelligence applications. This three-page datasheet discusses the key strengths of that proprietary technology:

  • Handling streaming data
  • Aggregating multiple models
  • Providing explainability
  • Accelerating deployment
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Modeling engine strengths

Datapred BYOM

Bring your own model

Datapred lets you leverage your experience and data science competencies, and bring your own predictive or optimization models to the software. This three-page datasheet discusses how.


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Vital checklist for time series modeling

Applying machine learning to time series is tricky. Don't dive into your time series modeling project without checking this three-page life-saving list first.


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Vital checklist