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With rising energy price volatility and energy market complexity, maintaining accurate reports has become time-consuming for energy buyers.

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  • You are facing increased scrutiny from company leadership.
  • You are struggling to keep track of the necessary information in spreadsheets.
  • You don't have the tools to manage new reporting requirements.
  • You are spending lots of time on cumbersome calculations to keep management informed.

Buying and hedging transactions

For basic reporting tasks, like keeping a clean record of spot or futures transactions, it is time for energy buyers to upgrade from Excel, and enjoy the benefits of modern online software: a user-friendly interface, easy sharing with stakeholders, direct access to market prices...


Consumption profile and coverage ratios

Upload you electricity or natural gas consumption profile and, based on the energy transactions you have also uploaded, Datapred will provide instant visualization of your exposure, and calculate the corresponding coverage ratios.


Profit and loss calculations

Given your consumption profile and your transactions to date, where are you compared to your target price and budget for the selected period, and where can you expect to land?

The profit and loss calculations on the Reporting page quickly answer these questions.

The calculations are always up to date, thanks to the direct connection of the Reporting module to energy market prices.


Access everything in spreadsheet format

We know that to get in, you need the confidence that you will be able to get out.

You have the option to download all data from the Reporting page back to Excel whenever you need.

At the bottom of the Reporting page, you can also preview the Excel file layout: a well-organized table displaying consumption and transaction metrics by month.

Very useful when you need to prepare customized presentations and reports.


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