Buyers must analyze exponentially growing volumes of data - internal and external. It has become too much for manual processing. Breaking data silos and simplifying access is key for decision-making.


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While internal information is mostly available, but hard to collect e.g. due to unclear roles and responsibilities or a heterogenous IT system landscape, it is particularly difficult to identify valuable external information and transform it into insights.”

Capgemini - Digital Procurement Research 2020-21

No more data silos

Buying well has always involved the combination of market insights and an understanding of the company's operational requirements.

But the amount of information that raw material buyers must analyze is growing exponentially. Processing that information manually would consume entire days - slowing down execution and preventing buyers from focusing on more value-added tasks.

Datapred breaks data silos and centralizes tens of data streams, internal (from the company's operations) and external (from raw material and financial markets), accelerating the modernization of legacy sourcing processes and offering 360° visibility on the environment of buyers.

Continuous updates

Industrial procurement is not financial trading. Raw material buyers are not required to react to the tick - even on fast markets like energy or listed commodities.

But in today's volatile environment, continuous monitoring trumps periodic updates. Waiting for next week's market report, or sending out ERP extract requests to IT, could mean missing out on major opportunities.

Datapred processes market data (price variations, supply/demand imbalances, notable news...) and data from the company's operations (inventory levels, measured lead times, production schedules...) in real time. The information buyers need is always there, ready for visualization and analysis.

Unlimited graphs and analyses

Datapred's standard dashboard features the key information that raw material buyers need for continuous monitoring, tactical optimization or strategic planning: price trend analysis and anticipation, price driver identification, production schedule, demand predictions, inventory levels...

But with Datapred, your analytical capabilities are limitless: use the power of machine learning, operations research, and a full-fledged business intelligence cube to dig into your procurement data, uncover valuable correlations, and build convincing reports.


What is required for direct material procurement optimization?

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